How to Enjoy Disney World Without Drinking

February 6, 2024

Meet Suzanne

Suzanne is the host of the popular sobriety podcast, The Sober Mom Life, and is also a sobriety and lifestyle influencer at My Kind of Sweet. Suzanne quit drinking more than 4 years ago and has found freedom from moderation, a message she proudly shares with the world. When she's not glamorizing sobriety, Suzanne enjoys spending her time with her 3 kids, her husband, and her dog, Georgia, all while reheating her coffee, until she eventually forgets it in the microwave.

I’ve been getting so many questions about how to enjoy Disney World without drinking, and I’m here to tell you that not only is it possible, it’s SO MUCH BETTER.

We got back from our 4 day trip to Disney World a few weeks ago (you can read my Sober Travel Diaries post here!), and I’ve been able to organize my thoughts and today I’m bringing you some tips on how to enjoy Disney World without drinking.



Anytime I share a “How To” post in sobriety, it begins with making a decision. Decide that you will give yourself a chance to experience Disney World without alcohol. Decide that you will take notice of all of the little things that you might have missed if you were drinking. Decide to fill in those gaps that alcohol leaves behind. Make the decision, and you will eliminate all that mental energy that alcohol can steal. You won’t invite alcohol on your trip to Disney World. Decide, and then move forward.


As a sober mom, Magic Kingdom was by far my favorite park of the four parks. First, it’s super classic and it’s what you think of when you think Disney: The Cinderella castle, the Disney princesses, the Mickey Mouse ears. It really does feel magical. The best part of it all? Alcohol isn’t front and center. And actually, that’s by design. The Magic Kingdom was originally a dry park because Walt Disney’s vision for the park was to be alcohol-free and a magical place for kids to have fun. Pretty amazing, right? And, pretty rare these days.

We spent most of our time at Magic Kingdom. We started there the first day, and then returned there for our last day.

The Mister and I had as much fun as (or maybe even more fun than?) the kids.


Does it sound corny? Yes. But is it absolutely necessary when you’re at Disney World? Also yes. Remember how exciting everything felt when you were a kid? Well, you can harness that energy in sobriety, too, and there’s no better place to do it than at the most magical place on Earth.

  • Hold hands with your kids and skip your way through the park. (No, for real. Do it. It feels so freeing to skip and not give a damn what people think.)
  • Keep your hands up in the air on the rollercoasters and scream with glee. (Makes for great pics, too.)
  • Get sticky fingers while you eat cotton candy. (Lean into the treats. It’s fine!)
  • Let your imagination run wild.
  • Get in the pool with your kids. Go down the water slide.
  • Don’t sit it out. Ride the rides. Play the games. Get silly. Participate in the magic with your kids.


Alright, here’s the thing. If you’re going to go to Disney World and focus on alcohol, you might see it everywhere. (Yes, especially at EPCOT.) When I shared some behind the scenes stuff on my Instagram Stories when we were at EPCOT, it was incredible the amount of messages I received saying things like: “Can you believe the amount of alcohol there?!” or “How are you there and not drinking? I don’t know if I could.”

What’s maybe even more amazing? I didn’t see it.

Remember when I said to start at Magic Kingdom? Well, leave EPCOT for last. EPCOT was our last stop, and we were racing through to make sure we got on as many rides as we could. Because of this, we didn’t have much time to hang out and eat. We were so focused on the kids and what rides they wanted to ride (and what rides The Mister and I wanted to ride), that we didn’t have time to focus on what anyone else was doing – or what they were drinking.

I asked my husband if he noticed a lot of drinking at EPCOT and he also said no. So, turns out it’s not just a me thing. Our focus truly was on something else, alcohol wasn’t even a part of the equation for us.

After all this, if you still feel like you would be triggered at EPCOT, don’t go to EPCOT. There are SO many other amazing experiences you can have at Disney World. The wonderful thing about sobriety is knowing how you feel and what you need. If you need to skip EPCOT, do that.

Here I am taking a time out poolside in my cozy robe, Diet Coke in hand. It’s the little things.


Yes, I mean you. Not the kids. (But of course, they might need them, too.) Even in the chaotic mess that can be Disney World, you can carve out 15 minutes for yourself. I made sure to tell my family when I needed to decompress. Generally, it was while my girls were swimming and The Mister and Gray were having quiet time in the hotel room in the early evening before dinner. I sat on the chaise lounge by myself and…relaxed. It was important for me to be able to have that time, so then I could hit the ground running when I needed to be “on” again.

So often, we reach for a glass of wine when we’re feeling overwhelmed. The problem, though, is that the underlying issue is still there and the wine doesn’t actually help us recharge. Instead, it drains us even more. When I take the time to actually recharge, I feel…recharged. Who knew??


Not drinking in a world obsessed with alcohol requires community. Whether that’s in person or online, it’s so important to have women who understand how you feel and what you’re going through because they’ve been there themselves. I created The Sober Mom Life Community and The Sober Mom Life Cafe for this exact reason. If you don’t yet have a community of sober or sober curious women, this is for you.

Check in during your trip to Disney World. Ask them to remind you what you know in case you forget and get sidetracked by the glorification of alcohol. Attend one of our Zoom Peer Support Meetings. Reach out to another sober buddy. Stay connected throughout your trip to Disney World.

Just remember, alcohol is NOT essential for a trip to the most magical place on Earth. Not only that, but alcohol can easily steal the magic and ruin your whole experience.

You CAN enjoy Disney World without drinking. You’ve got this.

I’m so proud of you.


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