Going All In on Sobriety with Emily Ley

April 15, 2024

Meet Suzanne

Suzanne is the host of the popular sobriety podcast, The Sober Mom Life, and is also a sobriety and lifestyle influencer at My Kind of Sweet. Suzanne quit drinking more than 4 years ago and has found freedom from moderation, a message she proudly shares with the world. When she's not glamorizing sobriety, Suzanne enjoys spending her time with her 3 kids, her husband, and her dog, Georgia, all while reheating her coffee, until she eventually forgets it in the microwave.


It’s an exciting day on the pod – The incredible Emily Ley is finally here, and she is telling her sobriety story publicly for the very first time! 

In today’s episode, Emily will share about how she began to self medicate with alcohol to manage undiagnosed ADD, her silent sober curious journey, the doctor that completely invalidated her urge to quit drinking, how she feels like she discovered a ‘secret to life’ in sobriety, and so much more! 

Emily wants you to know: you do not have to have a ‘Capital P’ Problem to quit drinking! 
If you were as moved and inspired by Emily as I was, then you need to follow her on Instagram at @emilyley and check out her books and organizational products at www.emilyley.com


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