How to Navigate your First Sober Summer with Ease

May 15, 2024

Meet Suzanne

Suzanne is the host of the popular sobriety podcast, The Sober Mom Life, and is also a sobriety and lifestyle influencer at My Kind of Sweet. Suzanne quit drinking more than 4 years ago and has found freedom from moderation, a message she proudly shares with the world. When she's not glamorizing sobriety, Suzanne enjoys spending her time with her 3 kids, her husband, and her dog, Georgia, all while reheating her coffee, until she eventually forgets it in the microwave.

Patio season is almost here! If the idea of not drinking this summer causes some anxiety, this post is for you. I have done the research and I can say without a doubt that summer can be even MORE fun without alcohol.

I can so clearly remember my first sober summer over 4 years ago. That’s really when the magic of sobriety started setting in for me. I hope you give yourself a chance this summer to see that alcohol was NEVER the magic.

Why Go Sober This Summer

The reasons are endless, but let’s start with the top 4 reasons to enjoy a sober summer…

You’ll Feel Better

It’s easy to romanticize that glass of chilled white wine, or a spicy margarita as you’re laying poolside. The next step? Fast forward beyond the first 20 minutes of your first drink. Remember how you felt the next morning after 5 of those drinks? Alcohol brings with it dehydration, a headache, shame and increased anxiety and so many more side affects that can get in between you and enjoying a beautiful summer day.

You’ll Have More Time to Enjoy Your Family and Friends

Remember when you were a kid, and those long, slow days of summer seemed to last forever? Sobriety can delivered those to you again. If you’re having trouble imagining how to socialize without alcohol, click below!

You’ll Feel Healthier

There really is nothing like waking up on a beautiful summer morning with NO hangover, feeling healthy and ready to tackle the day. It’s the reason mornings become so sacred in sobriety. Get up early before the rest of the house, pour yourself a cup of coffee and head to your patio or outdoor space and drink your coffee while enjoying the peace and quiet. Ahhh, I swear – absolutely nothing compares to waking up without a hangover. You will never regret it. That’s a promise.

You’ll Be Present

Motherhood really does fly by, and one of my favorite things about sobriety is knowing that I will no longer lose precious time or memories with my family to an addictive substance. I hate those depressing reels on Instagram that remind us we only have x amount of summers with our kids, but it does tap into a mom’s greatest worry – missing these good ol’ days. Alcohol steals all the magic of every situation, and in summer that is so much magic to enjoy.

Sober Summer Activities

If you thought that drinking was fun, oh do I have some exciting news for you. Did you know that drinking alcohol is probably the LEAST fun thing you can do, especially in the summer? No, for real. It numbs your senses and makes your brain go off line, so you’re literally not having any fun. Here are some sober summer activities that you will actually have fun doing…


When in doubt, get outside. There is just something so healing about putting away your phone and getting back to nature. It takes me back to my childhood when I spend the entire day playing in the woods of Wisconsin.


Grab your favorite mocktail (grab my No Ethanol Needed Mocktail e book here for only $7 to get some yummy ideas!), make a few sandwiches and head to your local park or beach for a fun family picnic. Bring along some toys for the kiddos to keep them occupied so you can get 7 minutes of peace.

Join a Sports Team

I’ve just recently reignited my love for volleyball, and I feel like I’m 16 again! I ordered this volleyball net for our backyard. It’s so easy to set up and it also works for paddle and pickle ball. I like that it’s shorter than a regular net – it makes me feel young again and I can hit the ball, and my kids can play with me. We’ve been playing with this kid-friendly volleyball.


We love going for family bike rides as soon as summer hits. Our favorite thing to do it is ride our bikes to our favorite beach park for a family picnic.


I am happiest with the sun on my shoulders and my hands in the dirt. There is something about tending to flowers and watching them grow. Even if you don’t think you have a green thumb, start playing around with planting flowers in pots. You’ll get there.


Keep a list of places you want to visit, near and far, and start crossing them off! This summer we’re heading to Wisconsin (obviously), Wyoming and Lake Tahoe. You can read my post about Your First Sober Vacation here.

What to Do If You Fall into Old Habits

Did alcohol and its wily ways sneak their way into your summer? That’s OK! Take notes about what you learned from going back to alcohol. And then, keep it moving into your sober summer. Figure out why the slip happened, and then take the necessary steps going forward to ensure you have a solid plan for the rest of your sober summer.

Overall, the most important thing is not to fall back into the shame drinking cycle. Change is hard, and it can take longer than we want it to. As long as you get back up and keep going, you can’t go wrong.

Where to Find Support Online

Finding a supportive community is key, especially in early sobriety. I created The Sober Mom Life Cafe to provide women a place to openly examine their relationships with alcohol without judgment and shame. We have Zoom Peer Support meetings every day of the week, along with a monthly Quit Lit book club and an exclusive feed and chat, which is like Facebook, but even better.

Here’s our current Zoom Peer Support Meeting schedule:

Don’t miss my podcast, The Sober Mom Life! We have new episodes every Monday and Friday. You can find it wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

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